Did I mention that I really love my new job? My goodness the time committment is far less. Today I have an unexpected Home Office day. I do have a presentation to prepare for work (which can be done anytime before Monday) so I could take this day to go to the library and work on my lit search and finish up my evidence table. One minor snag, hubby thinks that a home office day means that we get to play all day. There in lies the other "problem" in finishing a PhD. Family. They love us and want to spend time with us. It really is a matter of letting them know what we need to get done and our deadlines. So today I will share, I will spend some time with him this morning and figure out what is important to him, I will then take a good chunk of the day to hit the library and then be sure to spend some quality time with him tonight. It should work out fine. He is my biggest supporter, so I think he will understand.

I found this website today and I love it. As an artist and a researcher/writer it is incredibly inspiring. Even if you are neither, just life in general. Take a peek!

Steal like an artist

With that I shall leave you......I hope your day is spectacular.......I know that I will get a lot accomplished!


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