Tomorrow is November!?

Oh gosh, I feel football season slipping away already! This weekend was great! Michigan showed their teeth to Purdue, Nebraska ruined Sparty's season! I was disappointed that Whisky lost to that team from Ohio. Sunday the Lions DESTROYED Tebow and the Broncos, that was fun to watch! All in all.....a great weekend of football!

I am packed and ready to head to the airport. Going to Vickings Territory for a business trip for the week. I packed some jewelry that I can make and more importantly I packed research articles to read and get my evidence table completed and move on to the second chapter of my dissertation. If I can pull that off this week, that would be so sweet.

Life continues to move and I either need to keep up or get out of the way! After 4 years of course work on this PhD, there is no getting out of the way.....I just need to focus and get it done! It would help if I could get a following back on my jewelry sales, taking 5 years off from that really hurt the business.

Well....Happy Halloween to those who enjoy this holiday! I hope your week is great!


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