Football Saturday

So in purusing my favorite football blogs, getting ready for the game today, I came across a posting from Sparty Nation (or some such thing) discussing the suspension of Gholston after the Michigan game. That just about ruined my day. Seriously. Then of course I turn on Game Day and Sparty is all the talk (along with Andrew Luck, and yes, he is a good QB and all, but sometimes these reporters make me nuts) There is no doubt that ESPN hates Michigan. Anyway. I must get my research articles picked out that I need to take with me next week. I will be in Minnesota all week, which means that I have 4 nights to accomplish some school work. I also need to finish some jewelry to get down to the art center for sale. Money is tight as we did another investment in our business, plus I think hubby is getting me a very special Christmas gift that cost far more than he should be spending, but something that I will adore. It is something that would normally be an anniversary gift, it just happens that it came along now. Anyway....I digress. I am excited to see how Michigan looks today. I really hope that they come out improving. The past few years, we have done well the first few games than took a shit for the rest of the season, so I am a bit gun shy. I know we are better than the last few years......I just want to see it. GO BLUE!


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