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Monday, October 31, 2011

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Tomorrow is November!?

Oh gosh, I feel football season slipping away already! This weekend was great! Michigan showed their teeth to Purdue, Nebraska ruined Sparty's season! I was disappointed that Whisky lost to that team from Ohio. Sunday the Lions DESTROYED Tebow and the Broncos, that was fun to watch! All in all.....a great weekend of football!

I am packed and ready to head to the airport. Going to Vickings Territory for a business trip for the week. I packed some jewelry that I can make and more importantly I packed research articles to read and get my evidence table completed and move on to the second chapter of my dissertation. If I can pull that off this week, that would be so sweet.

Life continues to move and I either need to keep up or get out of the way! After 4 years of course work on this PhD, there is no getting out of the way.....I just need to focus and get it done! It would help if I could get a following back on my jewelry sales, taking 5 years off from that really hurt the business.

Well....Happy Halloween to those who enjoy this holiday! I hope your week is great!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Football Saturday

So in purusing my favorite football blogs, getting ready for the game today, I came across a posting from Sparty Nation (or some such thing) discussing the suspension of Gholston after the Michigan game. That just about ruined my day. Seriously. Then of course I turn on Game Day and Sparty is all the talk (along with Andrew Luck, and yes, he is a good QB and all, but sometimes these reporters make me nuts) There is no doubt that ESPN hates Michigan. Anyway. I must get my research articles picked out that I need to take with me next week. I will be in Minnesota all week, which means that I have 4 nights to accomplish some school work. I also need to finish some jewelry to get down to the art center for sale. Money is tight as we did another investment in our business, plus I think hubby is getting me a very special Christmas gift that cost far more than he should be spending, but something that I will adore. It is something that would normally be an anniversary gift, it just happens that it came along now. Anyway....I digress. I am excited to see how Michigan looks today. I really hope that they come out improving. The past few years, we have done well the first few games than took a shit for the rest of the season, so I am a bit gun shy. I know we are better than the last few years......I just want to see it. GO BLUE!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Adventures of obtaining your PhD. Don't start smoking because of the stress. It is more stressful to quit! That is lesson # 1. I am dying over here. No smokes in 2.5 weeks. On chantix (as described below) I totally hate this drug. I think they make the side effects so miserable to help you to never want to quit again. Only 4 more days of it (including today).

So, I did start a journal that has a check box for every day of the week. I have to do at least 30 minutes of work on my dissertation each day to check off a box. I need something to help me keep on track. I love checking off boxes :)  Although right now.....I really just want to go back to bed so I don't toss my cookies......but corporate is in town and I need to show up and be a good corporate employee for the next 2 days. I think I will finish my chai tea with soy milk and hit the showers........I have to be in Southfield all day and then drive to Grand Rapids for a meeting there tomorrow. I guess I should pack.....hmmmm....I think I will drag hubby along on this trip.........or...maybe just get up super early tomorrow and drive to Grand Rapids tomorrow........I probably should decide sooner rather than later!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smoking and Chantix

If you have ever smoked or if you currently do, you know what I mean by saying....."I like it" and "I hate it". It is a monkey on your back....always thining ahead to when the next "smoke break" is. Feeling trapped in a 4 hour meeting, knowing that you won't have enough time to use the bathroom and go down 6 stories to get outside and sneak a smoke. I hate how it smells, I was embarrassed by the stupidity of it. The cons far outweighed the pros on this, yet the pro (ONE pro) was that.....I like it. Well, my daughter is now married and it won't be long before I become a grandmother. I would NEVER smoke in front of my grandchildren, but the thought of me with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth with my arms stretched out, saying, "come to grandma sweetie" is enough to say......Ok....It is time to stop this shit. Plus if I don't quit before November 1st my health insurance will go up by 10-15% on January first. If you figure $8 a pack and nearly a pack a day.....the cost savings is also something to consider.

So, October 9th was my last day of smoking. I started chantix the week before that. Before I proceed with this post I will tell you that it is easy to quit, I have done it at least 20 times (3 times with Chantix) (it is the staying quit part that is difficult). So having been on chantix before, I know the side effects. They are terrible. I am naseaus all of the time, I have wild dreams, and I am just not myself. I HATE this drug. I have 5 days left on it. I have never finished out the course of this drug because of all of the side effects, this time I said I would finish it out and maybe that would keep me on the straight and narrow. I will finishe it, but even today, I want a cigarette. I wonder if you take it that many times to quit if it becomes less effective? The good news is, when I am finished with the chantix this weekend I have to travel for work to Minnesota for a week, so I will be out of my routine for another week past the chantix, which might help. It is hell quitting, so why does anyone start again? Especially when you KNOW that you will have to quit again and go through this........I swear, if I start more goal then is to never start again.....I DO like having the monkey off my back, I DO like knowing that I am not spending $8 per day and I DO like never having to smell smoke in my hair.......I know it will be a healthier me.........Breathe........

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Putting it out to the Universe

No messing around today. I am going to plant myself at the dining room table. I need to knock off a powerpoint webinar for work (design it, write it) then prepare for a discussion on Monday morning with one of my offices on a new policy that just came out. Then, finish my evidence table for school. Once I get all of that done, I can work on some jewelry that I need to finish. I also need to finish up an order for jewelry supplies that is due by Monday (bulk buy, super cheap prices, the way I like it!) What I would LOVE to see happen at this point is to get all of this done today, then tomorrow I can go to the studio to melt glass. That would be heaven. I haven't been to the studio in a few weeks. However my "list" of to do's comes first. Work and school MUST take priority this weekend. So I am putting this out to the universe to help me git er done! Happy Weekend! I am looking forward to the Sparty and Whisky game tonight......can't wait to see Whisky shred Sparty!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Ok, so the boy won out for most of the day. I think he likes shopping more than I do. So we went to the mall (actually just to Von Maur) then grabbed a quick bite at the Cottage Inn Buffett right off Eisenhower (perfect quick lunch place!) Then off to see Paranormal Activity 3. We saw the first one in the theater. I was nearly laughing at it. It did scare the boy (well, he wouldn't want me to say that it scared him, but it did) I thought it was pretty ridiculous myself. Then came #2. We waited for it on DVD. It actually was better than the first and made me squirm a little. So I was looking forward to #3. Yeah. Ok then. Even hubby who was "scared" by the first one and probably a little by the second one, was disappointed by the third one. We were just grateful that it was the matinee and didn't pay full price to see the thing. We then came home and I took a nap and he went down town. Now I need to get ready and go meet him down there. Have a few "pops" (his term for beer) and relax a bit. Saturday and days and since it is football season, he can keep himself occupied. I can have the games on in the background, plus Michigan is on a bye week, so that makes it really easy. I have a home office day next Friday, which is now designated as my library day before I leave for Minnesota on Halloween. I think it is a good plan. I just need to produce this weekend! And now.......I need to get dressed and call a taxi.......Cheers!


Did I mention that I really love my new job? My goodness the time committment is far less. Today I have an unexpected Home Office day. I do have a presentation to prepare for work (which can be done anytime before Monday) so I could take this day to go to the library and work on my lit search and finish up my evidence table. One minor snag, hubby thinks that a home office day means that we get to play all day. There in lies the other "problem" in finishing a PhD. Family. They love us and want to spend time with us. It really is a matter of letting them know what we need to get done and our deadlines. So today I will share, I will spend some time with him this morning and figure out what is important to him, I will then take a good chunk of the day to hit the library and then be sure to spend some quality time with him tonight. It should work out fine. He is my biggest supporter, so I think he will understand.

I found this website today and I love it. As an artist and a researcher/writer it is incredibly inspiring. Even if you are neither, just life in general. Take a peek!

Steal like an artist

With that I shall leave you......I hope your day is spectacular.......I know that I will get a lot accomplished!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday.....Evidence Table due this weekend

So, you think you want a PhD? You think, well after I get through the course work, it is all down hill? You think at that point you can work a full time job? Well, it is possible, but damn hard! My evidence table is due (was due) by this weekend. Fortunately for me, my research has very limited outcome research completed so out of 14 possible research articles I will probably have 5 on my evidence table. I still have to read all 14 articles! Before you begin to even think anything (like, seriously 14 articles is nothing) I will tell you this. My evidence table is a very SMALL precurser to my preliminary exams (which happen to be the first 3 chapters of my dissertation). Once my evidence table is complete, I will spend a day at the Taubman Library conducting a literature search that is all inclusive over 3 different main areas of my research. This lit search will turn up hunderds of articles for me to puruse and use in my second chapter where I will discuss what is known in the scientific world about my variables and what is not known. So, the fact that I am dragging my feet on this little evidence table is not a good sign. This is NOTHING compared to what I need to get accomplished in the next 2 months. The past year I have been a director of a hospice program. That job has been literally 24/7 with 60 a week at the office. I now have been promoted to a regional hospice consultant position, which takes no time after my 40 hours a week and most of the week I will be in a hotel. This means I need to FOCUS and get some work done in the hotel each night and make up for the last year that I have diddled away, all while still paying the University. You see, at Michigan in the PhD program, it is continuous enrollement. So even if you are doing NOTHING, you still pay tuition each term. On average, I pay $16,000 a year to do nothing. So if that doesn't light a fire.....I don't know what will. The fact that once I defend my prelims I am actually a PhD candidate and when I sign my name I can put a PhD (c) behind my name is actually more of a motivator for me at this point. After 4 years, I still technically have nothing, so getting that would at least show that I have accomplished something. 25% of my cohort has already defended their dissertations! I don't want to be the last one! :) So........I have my 14 articles in a folder and they go everywhere with me, so when I have 5-10 minutes at any point in the day, I am reading them. I WILL get through it! So.....just a bit of advice, don't think you can work full time and finish your dissertation. Enjoy being a student and knock it out, then you will have plenty of time to work. If you must work, make sure that you find a good mentor that will keep you in the game, and do something EVERY single day on your dissertation. Once it gets out of your mind, it is harder to get back in the game. Read a few pages, write a few paragraphs, anything to keep your mind in it every day. You MUST do this to get through!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My original Blog

Some back story needs to be shared. I have blogged for years. Somehow in an effort to set up a blog for my bead and jewelry designs I lost my long standing blog. It is lost in space and I am not taking the time to recover it. Thus, the journey begins a new. Which is very apprapro as I am moving forward on a path that has changed dramatically over the course of the last five years.

The back story on me. I was raised with 6 brothers, if I wanted any attention from my father, I needed to like and know sports. Football in particular. I always wanted to play with my brothers in the backyard and they would allow me, if I would be a defensive lineman or an outfielder for baseball. I always wanted to be the wide reciever or the catcher but they wouldn't have anything to do with that! So I played my no glory positions and I learned about sports. I have lived in Michigan my entire life and have been a Detroit fan of pro sports as well as a Michigan Wolverine fan as far back as I can remember. I never dreamed that I would one day be a graduate of the University of Michigan, yet here I am, very close to having done just that!

So, although I love sports and love to discuss the many different aspects of it. I am also a girl and I like to talk about the journey of life. So this is not a sports blog but I will take opportunities to share my thoughts on it. This may seem very dichotomic as my life philosophy is much more centered than my sports rants! Welcome to my world!

It all started.......

4 years ago I started working on my PhD at the University of Michigan. I am now finished with my course work and I am working on my preliminary exams, which according to my committee chair I should defend by the end of fall term. (not going to happen). Once I finished my course work I decided that I was tired of being a poor grad student, so I took my skills on the road and started working full time. I don't suggest this for PhD students who are trying to write their prelims or dissertation. Anyway......this was just a brief intro. I will be back to fill you in on the gory details and hopefully inspire a few people along the way! GO BLUE!