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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hopefully....our new home!

We just took the plunge and put an offer on this River Front Home. It is a dream home and with the market down, a steal of a price. Still, after renting for 5 years while working on my PhD, it is a scary thing to go back into home ownership. The offer is in, we are just waiting to hear! Here are a few pics!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I really AM married :)

I married the love of my life about 18 months ago, We used a beautiful peridot ring that he had bought me for our "engagement". Well......last night he gave me a "real" wedding ring!!

I am Loved <3

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Goals

I have more goals than probably anyone else on earth! The most important is that I defend my preliminary exams for my PhD THIS term. It will take incredible effort to do that. I also need to be HEALTHY. I need to get to the gym and monitor my food intake. There are many other things flying around in my head, but those 2 things are of the ut most important. My energy level is incredibly low and I do know that going to the gym would increase that. We are working on buying a house and that is taking a toll as well. The amount of work that will take is unreal. I will need to take a vacation to move in and get everything clean, etc. I just need to get motivated and make a plan and stick to it. I MUST do this. My creative side is dying to get out, but it really has to take a back seat to the important things at the moment.

So how does one get motivated to do what one MUST do????? Everything that I have tried thus far has failed. I meet with my committee chair today. I am hoping that I can get him to motivate me. I feel very unorganized. Suggestions are welcome.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lucky Girl!

I recieved a RT on my twitter from Mike Martin today! That was very cool! He is a senior member of Team #132 at the University of Michigan, currently hanging out down in New Orleans preparing for the Sugar Bowl game on Tuesday night. Mike is one of the most forward thinking, mature young man I have watched over the last few years. He has a movement called Category 1, about being better than those who came before us and those who come after us. I can't wait to see where his life takes him, there is no doubt that he will play in the NFL, but he will do more than that, he is much more than a football player, he is a motivator, an entrapranuer, a giver, a person who wishes to do something with his life that will matter to many.