Putting it out to the Universe

No messing around today. I am going to plant myself at the dining room table. I need to knock off a powerpoint webinar for work (design it, write it) then prepare for a discussion on Monday morning with one of my offices on a new policy that just came out. Then, finish my evidence table for school. Once I get all of that done, I can work on some jewelry that I need to finish. I also need to finish up an order for jewelry supplies that is due by Monday (bulk buy, super cheap prices, the way I like it!) What I would LOVE to see happen at this point is to get all of this done today, then tomorrow I can go to the studio to melt glass. That would be heaven. I haven't been to the studio in a few weeks. However my "list" of to do's comes first. Work and school MUST take priority this weekend. So I am putting this out to the universe to help me git er done! Happy Weekend! I am looking forward to the Sparty and Whisky game tonight......can't wait to see Whisky shred Sparty!


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