Ok, so the boy won out for most of the day. I think he likes shopping more than I do. So we went to the mall (actually just to Von Maur) then grabbed a quick bite at the Cottage Inn Buffett right off Eisenhower (perfect quick lunch place!) Then off to see Paranormal Activity 3. We saw the first one in the theater. I was nearly laughing at it. It did scare the boy (well, he wouldn't want me to say that it scared him, but it did) I thought it was pretty ridiculous myself. Then came #2. We waited for it on DVD. It actually was better than the first and made me squirm a little. So I was looking forward to #3. Yeah. Ok then. Even hubby who was "scared" by the first one and probably a little by the second one, was disappointed by the third one. We were just grateful that it was the matinee and didn't pay full price to see the thing. We then came home and I took a nap and he went down town. Now I need to get ready and go meet him down there. Have a few "pops" (his term for beer) and relax a bit. Saturday and days and since it is football season, he can keep himself occupied. I can have the games on in the background, plus Michigan is on a bye week, so that makes it really easy. I have a home office day next Friday, which is now designated as my library day before I leave for Minnesota on Halloween. I think it is a good plan. I just need to produce this weekend! And now.......I need to get dressed and call a taxi.......Cheers!


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