Adventures of obtaining your PhD. Don't start smoking because of the stress. It is more stressful to quit! That is lesson # 1. I am dying over here. No smokes in 2.5 weeks. On chantix (as described below) I totally hate this drug. I think they make the side effects so miserable to help you to never want to quit again. Only 4 more days of it (including today).

So, I did start a journal that has a check box for every day of the week. I have to do at least 30 minutes of work on my dissertation each day to check off a box. I need something to help me keep on track. I love checking off boxes :)  Although right now.....I really just want to go back to bed so I don't toss my cookies......but corporate is in town and I need to show up and be a good corporate employee for the next 2 days. I think I will finish my chai tea with soy milk and hit the showers........I have to be in Southfield all day and then drive to Grand Rapids for a meeting there tomorrow. I guess I should pack.....hmmmm....I think I will drag hubby along on this trip.........or...maybe just get up super early tomorrow and drive to Grand Rapids tomorrow........I probably should decide sooner rather than later!


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