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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Soup Ingredients

My partner has recieved her soup ingredients, so it is safe for me to share some photos of what I sent her!

Focal Lampwork Bead by Kim of BluffRoad Glass!

Clasp By Metal Me This!

Carnelian and Onyx Gemstones and plenty of silver!

I didn't realize how terrible my photos were! I can't wait to see what Chandra makes with it!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Time of Change, or at least the preparation for it

Yesterday I picked up my Kiln from the glass shop that I had it stored at when I attempted to melt glass there. It is covered with dust and cobwebs and the element has fallen down inside. I have no idea yet if it will even work for me. It is a Glass Hive Kiln though and I know if I call Mike and Pam that they will help me to get it in working order again. As Spring comes to our lovely State I plan to get my studio set up in our garage so I have that creative outlet back again.

Next, I have lost 85 pounds and have stopped losing. I need to lose a bit more, so I need to ramp up my exercise program and evaluate my nutrition. I am choosing Yoga as my main form of exercise. Anyone who has pariticipated in Yoga knows the benefits it has for strengthening and toning your body. It also is excellent for your mind and soul. I have a DVD and a yoga mat I can take with me to work each week and on the weekend I am planning to go to a studio on Saturdays to get to participate with a group.

My dissertation. I have been on Medical Leave for the last 2 semesters. I will officially begin again in the Fall, however between now and September I have a lot of work to accomplish. No doubt that I need to hire a dissertation coach. I need to finish this off in 2 semesters so that I can graduate next spring. This is imperative.

There is much to accomplish in the course of the next few months. My focus will need to be diligent as I move through all of this. It is time for me to take care of these things and move forward in my life. Thus, I am putting it in writing here on my blog. When I write something out, I live it. It is like I am putting it out to the universe, or saying a prayer. If you have come here and read this, if you think of it, I  would be grateful for your thoughts and prayers for me this year as I move through these important milestones of my life. Thank you for reading and may your life be full of peace and Joy.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Soup is on!


5 groupings lovingly wrapped in dragonfly tissue paper!

OH MY!! 3 different soups!

I LOVE green, it is the color of life and these are simply stunning! 2 cabs and a stone, I think I will be trying my hand at wire wrapping!

A purple collection with a gorgeous cab that Chandra wire wrapped for me!

A pink collection with a gorgeous stone that Chandra also did a beautiful job of wire wrapping!

Lovely pearl beads and silver charms and toggles to create something lovely!

I love this cab, it is just gorgeous!

This stone is beautiful and Chandra's wire work is amazing!

My oh my! How much fun will I be having over the next few weeks creating something with the ingredients of this soup! Be sure and stop back to find out! Thank you Chandra for such a generous and lovely soup!

Meet My Bead Soup Partner - Chandra

Oh, I am so excited! My Bead Soup partner is a beautiful soul! Her Blog Juniper Goods shows her beautiful creative work. You can really see the beauty in her soul when you look at her prismatic Lotus' and her giving heart with what she did on her Birthday . I heard of this Random Act of Kindness Birthday about 6 months ago and I though for my birthday this year that I would do this as well, so it was wonderful to read about someone doing this. I have appreciated Buddha and his teachings for 7 years now and found meditation to be healing to my mind and soul. Chandra is a teacher of meditation! Could it be that the universe brought us together to share with each other? I believe so! I do hope that she loves what I sent and I know that I will love what she sends to me. I can't wait to see what she makes with her soup and I am excited to show what I make with my soup!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Getting ready to ship!

Ok, I couldn't resist! This is my soup that I am planning to ship to Chandra! Yes, I am aware that you can't see anything! HA! She gets to see it first! It MAY change once I have a chance to talk to her, but for now, I am thinking she will like the ingrediants to this soup!

I have a Partner!

Woohoo! So I have been paired with another artist for the Bead Soup Blog Party! I am really excited because she is an incredible lady! I can't wait to chat with her through email. I think we have a lot in common! Chandra is her name and this is her blog Chandra's Blog . She has some mad talent for certain! So now once we connect and chat a bit, we will send each other components to make something lovely and then we will reveal it on each of our blog. Stay tuned! :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Organized Home Week 1-4 - Kitchen

Items that were on the counter, now on the steps to be put where they belong
Ok, so I was serious when I suggested that we get organized earlier! I spent a good portion of today getting weeks 1-4 completed. Weeks 5-8 are going to be easy and I may do them yet tonight, then I will actually be caught up!, the only reason that this is possible is that I recently had organized my cupboards, so the basics were recently purged all I needed to do was wipe them out and get a few drawers organized. I am the type that if I am going to organize something, I must also clean while I am at it. So I am going to add cleaning each of these areas to the process if it isn't already included. First I tackled the pantry. My husband had tossed LOTS of grocery sacks on the floor. I had an extra tupperware cereal container, so I put them in there individually and left the top "popped" open so he can just grab one. Not a new idea for certain, but I thought it was fairly smart to use what I had on hand, rather than writing down that I needed to buy something for them! I moved on to the counters and inside of cupboards and of course the fridge and freezer. Now it is time to go put away things that I determined don't belong in the kitchen. I could have shown more photos, but I am sure you get the point. Hopefully I can get weeks 5-8 completed tonight so that next weekend I will be doing what is on the list for the first week of March! Stay clean and organized!
Pantry, organized!
Tupperware for the plastic grocery sacks

Let's Get Organized!

52 Week Organized Home Challenge

Indeed! I was blog hopping this morning and ran across this challenge to get your home organized in 52 weeks. I am slighlty OCD about my living space. I also work at a job that keeps me away from my living space Monday through Friday. (yes, I live in a hotel!) My husband keeps the home front running......but he is a boy......and most boys don't clean like most girls do.....sorry I know this is a sterotype, however it is acuarate when it comes to my situation! I think this challenge may even help him see the importance of keeping things neat and tidy but also organized! Yes, it is long past the first week of the year. I acutally will attempt to get up to speed and be on top of the challenges so that I am on track to do them in the appropriate time frame, however that means double duty for a few weeks. I think it is doable, but I won't kill myself doing it either. So if you wish to join me, here is where I found the information Home Storage Solutions I acutally should also provide the original blog that I found this site from, a fellow jewelry maker Polka Dots and Paisley Let the games begin!