Time of Change, or at least the preparation for it

Yesterday I picked up my Kiln from the glass shop that I had it stored at when I attempted to melt glass there. It is covered with dust and cobwebs and the element has fallen down inside. I have no idea yet if it will even work for me. It is a Glass Hive Kiln though and I know if I call Mike and Pam that they will help me to get it in working order again. As Spring comes to our lovely State I plan to get my studio set up in our garage so I have that creative outlet back again.

Next, I have lost 85 pounds and have stopped losing. I need to lose a bit more, so I need to ramp up my exercise program and evaluate my nutrition. I am choosing Yoga as my main form of exercise. Anyone who has pariticipated in Yoga knows the benefits it has for strengthening and toning your body. It also is excellent for your mind and soul. I have a DVD and a yoga mat I can take with me to work each week and on the weekend I am planning to go to a studio on Saturdays to get to participate with a group.

My dissertation. I have been on Medical Leave for the last 2 semesters. I will officially begin again in the Fall, however between now and September I have a lot of work to accomplish. No doubt that I need to hire a dissertation coach. I need to finish this off in 2 semesters so that I can graduate next spring. This is imperative.

There is much to accomplish in the course of the next few months. My focus will need to be diligent as I move through all of this. It is time for me to take care of these things and move forward in my life. Thus, I am putting it in writing here on my blog. When I write something out, I live it. It is like I am putting it out to the universe, or saying a prayer. If you have come here and read this, if you think of it, I  would be grateful for your thoughts and prayers for me this year as I move through these important milestones of my life. Thank you for reading and may your life be full of peace and Joy.


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