Organized Home Week 1-4 - Kitchen

Items that were on the counter, now on the steps to be put where they belong
Ok, so I was serious when I suggested that we get organized earlier! I spent a good portion of today getting weeks 1-4 completed. Weeks 5-8 are going to be easy and I may do them yet tonight, then I will actually be caught up!, the only reason that this is possible is that I recently had organized my cupboards, so the basics were recently purged all I needed to do was wipe them out and get a few drawers organized. I am the type that if I am going to organize something, I must also clean while I am at it. So I am going to add cleaning each of these areas to the process if it isn't already included. First I tackled the pantry. My husband had tossed LOTS of grocery sacks on the floor. I had an extra tupperware cereal container, so I put them in there individually and left the top "popped" open so he can just grab one. Not a new idea for certain, but I thought it was fairly smart to use what I had on hand, rather than writing down that I needed to buy something for them! I moved on to the counters and inside of cupboards and of course the fridge and freezer. Now it is time to go put away things that I determined don't belong in the kitchen. I could have shown more photos, but I am sure you get the point. Hopefully I can get weeks 5-8 completed tonight so that next weekend I will be doing what is on the list for the first week of March! Stay clean and organized!
Pantry, organized!
Tupperware for the plastic grocery sacks


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