Meet My Bead Soup Partner - Chandra

Oh, I am so excited! My Bead Soup partner is a beautiful soul! Her Blog Juniper Goods shows her beautiful creative work. You can really see the beauty in her soul when you look at her prismatic Lotus' and her giving heart with what she did on her Birthday . I heard of this Random Act of Kindness Birthday about 6 months ago and I though for my birthday this year that I would do this as well, so it was wonderful to read about someone doing this. I have appreciated Buddha and his teachings for 7 years now and found meditation to be healing to my mind and soul. Chandra is a teacher of meditation! Could it be that the universe brought us together to share with each other? I believe so! I do hope that she loves what I sent and I know that I will love what she sends to me. I can't wait to see what she makes with her soup and I am excited to show what I make with my soup!


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