Let's Get Organized!

52 Week Organized Home Challenge

Indeed! I was blog hopping this morning and ran across this challenge to get your home organized in 52 weeks. I am slighlty OCD about my living space. I also work at a job that keeps me away from my living space Monday through Friday. (yes, I live in a hotel!) My husband keeps the home front running......but he is a boy......and most boys don't clean like most girls do.....sorry I know this is a sterotype, however it is acuarate when it comes to my situation! I think this challenge may even help him see the importance of keeping things neat and tidy but also organized! Yes, it is long past the first week of the year. I acutally will attempt to get up to speed and be on top of the challenges so that I am on track to do them in the appropriate time frame, however that means double duty for a few weeks. I think it is doable, but I won't kill myself doing it either. So if you wish to join me, here is where I found the information Home Storage Solutions I acutally should also provide the original blog that I found this site from, a fellow jewelry maker Polka Dots and Paisley Let the games begin!


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