We Killed a Tree *super sad face*

This past weekend a tree company came knocking on our door. They were in the neighborhood doing work (I had seen them) and wanted to know if we wanted the dead branches on our trees trimmed for half price. (being the dead of winter and all (with 4 feet of snow on the ground). I showed SOME interest, afterall, we are surrounded by trees (protected waterlands on the Huron River) We can't touch the trees in our "backyard" due to the protected waterlands, however our front yard we are able to. We have 2 really UGLY trees (Maybe Lindens?) and 1 gorgeous old Oak tree. We did a lot of landscaping around this beautiful tree. Actually, when we moved into our home we discovered that carpenter ants had taken up residence in our garage. We found a nest or two and our garage header was half eaten away. So it wasn't a huge stretch when the tree man looked at our oak tree and said...."Oh My God! that tree is infested with carpenter ants and it is hollowed out, that thing is going to fall any second". I asked how much it would cost to take down this tree. He gave me a price and I said there really isn't a way I can pay for that right now but that I would discuss it with my husband. We discussed it and after inspecting the tree ourselves came to the conclusion that indeed it was infested with ants and it needed to come down. My husband was more distraught by this than I was. Partly due to the money, however more due to losing the tree. Afterall, it WAS a gorgeous beautiful living tree! Before I finish this story...here are some photos:

First our backyard and the river. Lovely view (we have since stained the deck) The walkway to the river is raised to about the tree level! Then our work around our lovely oak tree. This was acutally the first year, we did more last year around it. I just can't find those photos. Then...........
 Our beautiful tree just yesterday Morning.......
 You can see the bark is missing about half way up.....

 Oh....nice....the tree service trimming the Linden trees nicked our power line with the chain saw....did not bother to tell us and thought that black electrical tape would work just fine????!!!

 This Orange cone is protecting our pine tree we planted 2 years ago, we didn't want to lose that!
 This man was fearless! I would never be able to do that job! I was anxious just watching him climb it!
 Here is where we saw a "crack" thinking this thing was going to come tumbling down any second....
 Nice repair job....NOT!
 The aftermath.....and I have no idea what to do with the wood.......ugh!
Here is the final kicker......that tree was NOT hollowed out by ants! This piece if you look close is the one that had the "crack"......that tree MAY have needed to come down some day......but it certainly was in no danger of coming down "any second". Our hearts are so sad.......:(


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