Peeling Away the Layers

To sound cliche', Life is a Journey. Each experience building upon another. There are those "ah ha" moments, although I feel that they simply are moments of realization that only become part of who you are through the practice of what you learned in those "ah ha" moments. Thus, as each experience builds on the last, we become like an onion......layer upon layer.
I beleive that in my years of living this life I thought that there would be some magical "ah ha" moment that would simply "fix" me and I would be this "perfect" being. I spent many years searching for that. My "ah ha" moment this week has been that there is no magical "ah ha" moment that will "fix" me. Moreover, I am not "broken", (and so the title of my blog, be OK with who you are, even if you want to change.) rather.....I learn new concepts each and every day and this learning is layered one on top of the other fitting together almost like a jigsaw puzzle, only not as neat and simple. Only when we practice and work with each layer, do we truly incorporate that as part of our being. I have added additional layers over the last few weeks. It is daunting to be mindful of these newly discovered layers and practice them so they become part of my soul. I am encouraged and thankful that I have found these new layers and welcome the opportunity to practice them and make them part of my soul. Much Love to you all as you walk this journey called life and are not broken either, you simply are a work of art in progress......a beautiful work of art......Peace.


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