Random Thoughts

Seriously, Christmas is only a week away? I am not even close to being ready for that.

Off on the road for another week of consulting. I am going to 2 different sides of the state this week. That is not how I normaly do it, but it is the end of the quarter and my quarterly reports need to be completed.

I emailed the chair of my dissertation committee to find out how much trouble I am in! He is such a kind man and incredibly supportive. I meet with him on January 9th. This gives me reason and great purpose to finish my evidence table and make progress on the first 3 chapters of my dissertation. I don't want to walk into that meeting empty handed!

I also found a home exercise program that I am doing on the road and at home, I really need to build up more muscle to assist me in getting healthy again.

I did set goals for the next 6 months, they are sealed in an envelope watiting to be opened on July 7,  2012. I am hoping that I accomplish them all! More about them later.

Hubby and I looked at a house yesterday. It is waterfront property. It does need some TLC, but the price is unbelievable. We may have to go for it. The thought that I could set up my glass studio again, is fantastic! Plus, just to have some space to spread out a little, to not worry about if I am making too much noise for the neighbors, etc. Plus, just to have our OWN home........we were waiting until I finished my PhD, but I love my job, and I think I will stay in it for some time, and I like the company and any move up, means I can live anywhere I want. Purchasing a lake home is a plus because even if I decided to do a post doc, it would be super easy to rent the house out for 2 years if we wanted to.

Ok......I need to get moving. Today was the update on my life.........not so much inspiration for you.......however I do want to leave you with this thought............YOUR life is your message to the world, make sure it is INSPIRING!


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