Public Speaking

After 4 years of course work in a PhD program at the great University of Michigan, and lots of life experience I have done my share of public speaking. If I know my topic well, I don't have a problem. If I don't know it so well.....I am not so good at it. Today my boss is having me present before a group (with him present) to determine if I am an effective public speaker. I know the topic well, and it really only is maybe 30 minutes of presentation time. Today though, my nerves are all up in a bunch. Not sure why, except for the obvious. I just want to relax, be calm and show that I actually do know how to present in front of a group. I think this is the self sabatoge that I spoke of earlier.

Why do we self sabatoge? Are we afraid of success, are we afraid of doing well at something, could it be that our self esteem is low so we sabatoge to prove that we are not worthy? Good questions. I think that we need to remember that we all have worth, each life is worthy and as the title of my blog says, be ok with who you are, even if you want to change something. I know that I can be better at public speaking, but I need to be ok with where I am at with it right now and give it everything that I have and know that I can learn and improve at it without feeling worthless for not being the most dynamic public speaker in the world.

Go forth, love yourself for where you are at right now, today. Know that all that you are and who you are is the best you have been to date and tomorrow, you will be better than today. And.....don't forget to BREATHE!


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