Follow up and.....Something a little special

So, yesterday my boss LEFT before my presentation. Which btw I hit out of the park on. I think that just shows his faith in me :)

Somthing special is happening tomorrow. My dear friends Scott G and Scott F are having a wonderful celebration of their relationship. They have been together for 10 years and although it isn't legal in Michigan, they are making an official statement by "getting married". I have known them for their entire relationship, and they have honored me by asking me to "offciate" their ceremony. I am incredibly honored to do this and I am finishing up the work on the "ceremony". This is by far the most important presentation I could ever give. I am truly excited for them and knowing them......they have spared no expense on this wonderful celebration, so it is bound to be an incredible affair! Blessings to my friends Scott and Scott, may you have the most happily ever after imaginable!


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