Time to Revive the Blog!

Ahhh, back once again. I somehow go up and down on this blogging thing. Hopefully I can stick to this a little better this time. Lots have happened of course since I blogged about a year ago. July 22nd 2013 I had gastric bypass surgery. My metabolism is shot. It has been good for losing weight no doubt. I am nearing 50 pounds in 5 weeks. (which is about half of what I need to lose!) The trouble is that 2 weeks after surgery I was having so much pain and trouble breathing I went back into the hospital with a plureal effusion with atalectisis (fluid that caused the bottom portion of my left lung to collapse) This is a side effect of the surgery (although I was not made aware of it). So here I sit nearly 5 weeks post surgery and I should be feeling great and instead, I feel so weak and very tired of feeling this way. I am to go back to work (which the pulmonologist said I will need another week or two off before I can go back). I have not been able to make progress on my dissertation as I hoped. My stamina needs to increase. I will be seeing all of my doctors this week, so hopefully we can make a plan to get me back on track and I will have a week or two to pull my draft together before going back to work.
       The first 2 weeks after surgery I cried all the time, especially when I thought about my 3 incredible children. Then that stopped. Yesterday that started again. I am not a crier and especially when there is seemingly nothing to cry about. So that is making me nuts. Both of my sons called me yesterday and I just basically cried the whole time that they talked to me. They are the best, they didn't shy away from the call, they just would say, get it out and talk me through it. Damn I raised those boys right!

There is so much more to say, I just am not organizing it well in my head to get it out. More to come. For now, know that I am grateful for a husband who is supportive and 3 incredilble adult children. If I never do another thing in my entire life, knowing that I raised these 3 human beings who are absolutely the best legacy anyone could possibly leave this world!


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