Michigan Football and then some.........

I am so excited that Michigan Football starts tomorrow! I regret of course not buying my student season tickets, although I probably wouldn't be able to go tomorrow due to my health, but I DO want to get to a game soon.

That being said, I feel as if the fluid in the plureal space around my left lung has increased so I am heading in the get a chest xray to check on it. I only have 2 more weeks off work. I need my stamina to improve. I am having a very difficult time getting nutrition in. Yesterday and tossed my cookies for one meal. Somehow after doing that, one is not so interested in putting more food in the tummy. I just need to get this all under control in the next 2 weeks.

Emotionally I am Doing ok, I will be happy to go home and see my kids before I go back to work.

Of course, writing my prelims must take place in the next 2 weeks.


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