Seeing the Surgeon Today

I go back to see the surgeon today for the 5 week post op/post collapsed lung.  I know that I will need to be off work at least 1-2 weeks longer than planned due to the collapsed lung. It is better and I am grateful for that, however my stamina is greatly lacking. I need to get that built back up. My job is hugely taxing on me as I am in a hotel M-F. So I need to have a bit more stamina before I go back.

I also need a couple of weeks to get my preliminatry exam draft done (the first 3 chapters of my dissertation) my committee is expecting that the first part of September. I have been to ill to even work on that. I must admit, I am afraid that I will not get this dissertation completed and that just scares me to death.

I have been weepy again this week. I really want to see my children before I go back to work. I am hoping to make a trip back home for 4-5 days to spend a little time with each of them. It won't be enough, I know that. It never is enough lately. I love my home here, I love the South East side of the state, but I would sell it all and move closer to my kids in a heart beat. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen anytime soon. :(

I hope if you came along to read this that you have a great day.


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