Deep Breath. I now have less than 9 months to graduation. I must write my prelims AND my dissertation, defend both by next April. This can be done......even while working full time. I need a serious schedule and need to stick to it. My home that I desperatly want to decorate and clean is going to need to wait until I am finished. My art must wait until I am finished. My LIFE must wait until I am finished. It is PAST time to hunker down and get this finished. I will meet with my committee chair tomorrow morning. This is where the plan will begin.

My chest is tight, my stomach has butterflies........I am afraid that I can't do it. The truth is. I. Can. Do. It.

Daily updates forthcoming. This is where I will keep myself accountable. How fun will it be to have a daily journal of how I finished my PhD?

Here is to Graduation Day 2013!


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