August 26 - Sunday

I obviously have not posted every day. The work week went to hell in a hand basket and it got away from me. Not a good first week of keeping my nose to the grind stone. This weekend has been another "avoid" the task situation. I haven't seen my husband much in the last month and he happened to have Saturday night and Sunday off. Last night we hung out with some new friends here at home until 3am, which gave us a late start to the day. I have a flat tire so a good portion of the remainder of the day will go to getting that taken care of. Do I have time to do SOMETHING? Of course I do. My plan of attack will be to get my email account cleaned up and connected back to my iphone and hopefully schedule a meeting with the committee in mid September. I also need to register! That is quite a bit to accomplish and I will feel like I did something. Next I need to plan WHAT I am going to do this week in the hotel. I seriously need to PLAN or I won't do. The task is so daunting that I keep avoiding it out of fear that I won't be able to figure out my research questions.

There are so many projects around the house that I want to do, art to create, soooo much and I won't allow myself to do any of it. I have a pile of jewelry to fix and I am not going to even do that until I at least get my list today done.

The coursework for my PhD was torture and rough, nothing compares to this though.....nothing.


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