Wishing and waiting

This home buying experience has taken so much out of me. I want to dream about my new house, plan the move, plan how I will decorate and organize it. I start to think of everything that I would do and I keep running into a wall, because there is nothing that tells me that it is really going to happen. If it doesn't happen then I really don't know what I will do. If it is going to happen, I probably will hear this week that closing will be next week, then it will be such a race to move, almost like all the fun of it will be drained. I don't know. Sometimes I think that my feelings are lacking a spiritual connection. That doesn't sound right....my feelings and spiritualaity......My spirit seems to be effected in a strong way and I suppose that clues me into the fact that I am not as grounded spiritualy as I should be. I just want to know and move forward, it is so stale and stagnate in this place of not knowing.


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