We have Moved.

Not only have we moved, but we have moved into our dream home. One little catch, this is NOT ours, YET. We are renting it from the sellers until we close, which could be this week, possibly next week. And there remains a slight possibility that we won't be able to close. After speaking to the CEO of the company, he took the reins is has gotten us to the point that we should be at right now. For buying ONE home, having to give multiple copies of varies items has been one of the most frustrating parts. It is hard enough to go through it one time, but try doing it 4-5 times (just for one house!) the frustration level has been very high, however the CEO has taken that away. Nothing can take the anxiety away about the "slight" possibility that this may not go our way (although we have had a preapproval since January!!).

Enough whining. We are unpacked and have cleaned almost everything! We really need to clean the outside windows, powerwash the house and deck and restain the deck. We have planted flowers and really settled in. The view is spectacular, from 90% of the rooms. We live on a major river and it is stunning to watch the wildlife and just see the water running down stream.

I won't be setting up my glass studio yet though. I have a wonderful space in the garage that will be my glass studio, however the deal is that I must defend my preliminary exams before I can even get it set up.  The house is going to be enough for me to deal with and still get through my PhD, I don't need that distraction. I already have a list of things to do around here, small little projects, but even those will need to wait. (Or hubby could step up to the plate! LOL!)

I think that is one thing that I notice more in a 3 story home than I did in a 2 bedroom apartment. He is a little lazy. I feel like I am following him around picking up after him. When I do something, say like water the flowers outside. I unwind the hose from the spool, go water everything and then wind the hose back up on the spool. He would not wind it back on the spool, just leave it on the ground saying "I am going to water them tomorrow". Now there is a thought. I am a finisher, I start something and I finish it. "light goes off in head" thus, I started my PhD, thus, I will fnish it!

Alrighty then. That is enough blabbing on for one day. I always think no one comes to see this blog, so I am so inclined to make it my personal journal, however the top does appear to show that people have look at it! One day soon, I will make this more than my personal journal, that would be far more exciting for anyone reading this! Maybe some home tips.........writing tips (although I am usally writing this early in the morning and I am certain that it is not examplary of incredible writing!

Waiting to see where life takes me from here..............enjoy your day if you came here to read!


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