Back on Track......I think!

I met with my committee chair and we came up with a plan for my dissertation, so I think we have that back on track.

House loan is back to the underwriters with a chance of getting it to close by the proper date for the sellers. Back on track (for now) (Did  I mention that we need to be out of our apartment by April 1st, but they have been kind enough to extend it 2 weeks)

Still shopping for car insurance that is double of what it was previous to the accident.

A positive note, I did find a great community on Etsy and the shop is getting more views.....just need to get some more sales too!

Everything happens for a reason. Actually, I am not a fan of that statement. Everything happens and if you are centered enough you are able to find a balance with it and move on to the next plan and have some faith that it will all work out in the end in the way that the universe wishes it to.

Be Ok with ou you are.......even if you want to life!


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