Insane? Quite Possibly!

This term, not only am I jumping through a thousand hoops to buy a house AND move into it, I am also working full time (OUT OF TOWN) I am also doing one of the most important evenst of my education.......orally defending my preliminary exams. That means writing the first 3 chapters of my dissertation, and defending it before my committee. Once I do this I will be Catie Doman RN, PhD (c)
which is a PhD candidate. That is a lot to put in one term, but think of the little break that I will get after I defend! I will get to play and decorate the house for a month before I begin my data collection. This all sets me up to graduate April 2013, which is actually a year later than originally anticpated, but at least I will graduate! I CAN DO THIS! :)


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