I have gotten so much accomplished this weekend. More to do, but hey, I am on a roll! The apartment is in complete disarray! half packed, lots of bags to go out, some garbage, some donations, some things that belong to other people. There seems to be something satisfying in moving, purging those things that need to go, organizing the things that stay. It is a good feeling.

Since I am defending my preliminary exams in late April, which is right after we move. I am forbidden to do much for the move. I MUST defend and that means all of my spare time is dedicated to writing the first 3 chapters of my dissertation. No easy task. I did take yesterday to purge and organize the areas that hubby has no clue about, so now he can pack what is left. After I defend, I will allow myself a month to "nest", then back to writing.

Exciting and scary.


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