The beating of my heart.............

...........I can feel it, I can hear it.....Let's go back a bit. I didn't get a job for the summer. Paying my bills has been piece by piece, dollar by dollar. Most of those dollars were begged for. I worked for a man who decided to not pay me. That sucked 178 hours of my life. I won't get a paycheck until October 1st. I still have August and September bills to pay. Every single second I think about how I can make money. Every single second I hear my heart beat and feel my heart beat. It is bounding.

Do you hear it? Do you hear it in every post I make? I have been a victim my entire life. I have survived. I always do. I keep swimming. There must be some way to stop being the victim. There must be some way to make the second half of my life about something to survive and more about something to enjoy.

First....I have to make it to October 1st.


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