Quick thought

I have many things to say. I seem to communicate effectively in writing vs. speaking. My lectures are nearly flawless when I am lecturing about topics I know deeply and that I am passionate about. When speaking about my inner feelings, it seems I trip over my words. I am not able to find the words to attach to my voice. When I allow my fingers to be the conduit to my inner thoughts, the words seem to flow out as I feel them. Thus, it makes sense to put them down here.

Time seems to escape me. I try different things to manage my time better, it is difficult to stick to anything. Currently I am trying to bullet journal. I really want it to work. Nevertheless, I already am challenged by keeping it current.

I am feeling a bit of pressure knowing that I am not teaching this summer. I don't really want to work in the formal sense of the word. I really want to use the time to explore, create and share. That is a big pipe dream when I have bills to pay! I am going to be creative though and work out some plan.

My reading this morning included this "I don't have to finish in order to be whole".....finish as it relates to personal growth.

Read that again. I don't have to finish in order to be whole. That is such a freeing statement. Truly. How many times in working on something have I thought....ok....once I get a handle on this.....I will be close. It is never ending. Life, improvement of self, all of it.....is constant. We don't have to finish for us to be enough, JUST THE WAY WE ARE RIGHT NOW.

REVELATION. Mind Blown. More later.


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