If you have never experienced vertigo, count yourself lucky! I have had a dizzy spell me when I say that vertigo is much more than a dizzy spell. The world spins....even when you are laying in bed with your eyes closed. This sensation logically leads to nausea and when lasting long enough you become diaphoretic (sweat like a pig). I have had 3 episodes of this in the last few weeks. The first one I was seen by a doctor and he said I had fluid behind my eardrums. He called this a viral infection in my ears and gave me zofran (for nausea) and antivert (to help with the dizziness). The second time was during yoga. (yes, it ruined a yoga session....that did not make me happy). The third time was today. My boss was around (he is a nurse practitioner) and he took my blood pressure, which was high (it is typically low). I am finished with my audit here in Illinois so I could have driven back to Michigan. Needless to say, when the world is spinning, I probably shouldn't drive. So I am in the hotel hoping to be well enough to get back to Michigan tomorrow. I will go to work at my Grand Rapids office for a bit then go to see my father who will be coming home from the hospital and signing up with Hospice care. I want him to feel as good as he can and to live as long as he can and I know that hospice can help him do that. It has been a stressful week and is only half over! :)


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