Can't quite put my finger on it.........

Life is incredibly cyclical. A more crude way to put it.....same shit, different day. I remind myself that each day I learn and grow. If I think back to who I was when I was 18, I can see the maturity and the growth. Yet, I can also see the same little girl. Quirky, awkward, and often confused. I think that is part of what life is about, learning to deal with those quirky parts of you that seem to tag along all through life. Today I am tired of the learning process. Tired of this awkward part of me that feels lost and confused. I really just want to reach this calm peacefuly moment of self appreciation and love. It isn't that I don't have those moments now, it is more that I think that by this point there shouldn't be moments of the SAME awkward confusion. At least give me something new to deal with! :) Oh boy....Lets not put that out into the universe! Ok. Those words were begging to be spoken and this is the only place I had to do it. Now that I got that off my chest, hopefully some of this negative vibe will flee and peace will settle in. Perhaps even a good cry.


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