I haven't kept this up to date! Well, you have missed a few things. On September 30th I went in for an outpatient procedure of a scope and dilation of the opening between my esophagus and my stomach as it was very likely that I had a stricture. (likely because I was vomiting everything that I ate). I indeed had  a stricutre (the opening to my stomach was nearly closed completly! We now know that during the procedure of the dilation, air leaked into my pleural cavity. The air went over to my heart and caused my heart to go into A-Fib with RVR (code for "you can die at any moment, VERY bad). So I ended up in ICU for the rest of the week. The leak sealed itself. I fired my surgeon and possibly will seek councel for his ttreatment of me. I am trying to get out of this hospital system (which I had to use because of my insurance) and get back into the UofM health system. The trouble with that is I have to have all these appointments to check things out before I get answers. So that process has begun. Spritiually and emotionally I have been in some sort of crisis over all of this. So much to deal with with just losing weight and making major changes to my diet, let alone dealing with issues that are very our of the ordinary. I know that I still need at least one more surgery for the hernia, and I really don't want to have it. So far it has not caused an issue, so I am not getting the surgery right now.


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