Going home tomorrow!

It has been a long week, I am looking forward to going home tomorrow. My lovely daughter will be there waiting for me! We are spending the weekend together and going down to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. When I lived IN Ann Arbor, I dreaded the week of the art fair! Now, I will head to the mall and take the shuttle, no wasting time trying to find parking or driving around that insane town!

I am in West Branch and the office has mold in it and the hotel has the most uncomfortable beds. I end up so tired and get sciatica pain by the end of the week. I hope the drive home won't be too bad. I will have to stop and stretch.

Well....now that was a negative post....where is your lifting positive thought for the day?

How about this......................................

You don't have a soul, you ARE a soul  C.S. Lewis

Take care of the vessel that your soul resides in and feed your soul!


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