New Year, New Goals

I have more goals than probably anyone else on earth! The most important is that I defend my preliminary exams for my PhD THIS term. It will take incredible effort to do that. I also need to be HEALTHY. I need to get to the gym and monitor my food intake. There are many other things flying around in my head, but those 2 things are of the ut most important. My energy level is incredibly low and I do know that going to the gym would increase that. We are working on buying a house and that is taking a toll as well. The amount of work that will take is unreal. I will need to take a vacation to move in and get everything clean, etc. I just need to get motivated and make a plan and stick to it. I MUST do this. My creative side is dying to get out, but it really has to take a back seat to the important things at the moment.

So how does one get motivated to do what one MUST do????? Everything that I have tried thus far has failed. I meet with my committee chair today. I am hoping that I can get him to motivate me. I feel very unorganized. Suggestions are welcome.


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