*warning, some girl whine may present itself*

Traveling for your job can be very isolating. You leave on Monday morning and return on Friday evening and on the weekend, wash, reorganize and hope to see your significant other for a little bit. In some respects I totally enjoy it. But during the week, when you are all alone and looking for some post on a blog, or send out a tweet, or post something on facebook and you realize that no one cares (yes, that really sounds selfish and "whiny") It is simply a desire to connect. Facebook is more least that is suppose to be your friends. Blogs and twitter.....well.....those are really just strangers so that shouldn't bother me.

I think what really is bothering me is the disconnect I feel with my husband while on the road and the fact that I am not getting my school work done like I had hoped for.

Sorry if you came to read  my site today.......I just needed to say a few things........but in reality........I know that no one is reading guess I don't need to apologize to anyone! :) K. Laters.


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